About Title

Tucked around a cozy corner just off the Boulevard in downtown Kenilworth New Jersey lies a place that lives to meet all of your quality food and beverage needs. Began from a dream realized by the Pizza Master himself, Attilio Guarino, Four-Time Award Winning Pizza Chef. He wanted to create a place of comfort and conviviality with a focus on quality pizzas along with small plates and sharing plates derived from the finest quality ingredients our surrounding areas could furnish.

Attilio is a man of many interests, not only a Pizza Chef but also a Certified Beer Server and on his spare time travels far and wide to explore, practice and learn alongside farmers, purveyors, creators and obsessives like himself to curate the greatest of what food at its highest quality can offer you. Quality in pizza going below the toppings all the way to the crust, with the use of 100% Organic Local Flour that is unbleached, unbromated and unenriched. These high quality flours are then fermented the old fashioned way, long and slow to offer an amazing taste sensation with ethereal airiness and chew. These along with all of our dishes, cooked where the best recipes always start, our wood burning oven, for flavor and perfection.

We will also be sourcing the finest of cured and smoked meats as well as cheeses from partners that we not only trust but folks we've visited first hand to see and be a part of the process. Folks like the amazing team at Smoking Goose in Indiana, who make some of the most amazing, true and crazily assorted meats around that we are more than proud to offer. Not only on our pizzas but also on our famed Charcuterie & Cheese Boards, featuring not only meats and cheeses from our purveyors but also meats cured in house.

As for the beverage side of such a venture, Attilio has called on a friend to help put together a top notch beverage program by none other than Charles R. Ortiz, an accomplished Wine Professional and Bartender with many years of restaurant and wine experience. It is here that Charles wants to bring in the best that the wine, beer and cocktail world has to offer. Wine from small farm family owned wineries practicing organic methods in which produce true to character wine. Beer from some of the most exciting, new and dynamic breweries out there who care deeply about their passion; same as with wine where you can taste their love for the art-form. And finally cocktails, with not just a focus on the new and wild but also the classic and supremely dependable. All with a focus on balance, excitement, pleasure and food compatibility.

Together we bring many years of experience along with many opinions and ideas as you might suspect. With that comes the plan not only for us to be open late but to also serve a Late-Night menu for those looking for food in the "after-dinner' hours or those looking for drinks after a meal and need a little something extra. For this and all else we wanted to make a place that, most importantly, we would want to go to, at all hours, all meals and all dependable.