Attilio Guarino

Owner & Pizza Chef

Pizza Maestro; A NYC native, Attilio has spent most of his life behind a Brick Oven both in NYC and Jersey. He is a man of many interests, not only a Pizza Chef but also a Certified Beer Server and on his spare time travels far and wide to explore, practice and learn alongside farmers, purveyors, creators and obsessives like himself to curate the greatest of what food at its highest quality can offer you. Attilio is also obsessed with the old world, antiques and a good piece of weathered copper. You’ll find his touches all around Ava’s in every nook and cranny bringing you back to another era; an industrial Saloon of sorts. Come, let him take you back.

Charles R Ortiz

Beverage Director

“The Wine Man” as his trusted barber and fellow Down-Neck’r calls him, or “Restaurant Guy” as others have in the past. This man has spent many years in restaurants and a few in the wine trade. All of those years also spent studying about spirits, beer, wine, ciders and all others alike; especially their relationship with food and enjoyment and it all continues to fascinate him! Ask him what goes best with Whisky and he’ll tell you an ex-lover; Burgundy? Picnic bench and a Duck Leg; Barrel Aged Stout? A cigar and your grandma’s cheap plastic beach chair. There’s no end in sight with his undying passion to celebrate these beverages and bring them to you, here at Ava’s.

Travis Keuhlen

Executive Chef

A fellow Jersey native as well, from the north, where the mountains are high, rivers freeze and run rampant with trout and Rt.287 reigns supreme. Travis is no stranger to a kitchen, indoors or out. He’s spent his entire life dedicated to cooking and has experience in every type of kitchen. He knows food well and plays no games in its sourcing and preparation. When he’s not at Ava’s, face in the flames, he’s surely out in the woods somewhere, with his young son strapped to his back, fishing pole in hand, kayak ore in the other whilst foraging mushrooms with his bare feet!

Tom DeVito

Marketing Director

See anything you like? Seriously anything, web page? Menu? Our Brands? That’s this guy, Ol’ Tommy D. Tom is a master at marketing, especially in this modern tech world. He’s assembled a crew of finely tuned individuals and they’ve created “Tom & Co.” a digital agency specializing in getting things going with restaurants in the Tri-State area, small or big he gets it done. Ever hear about us from someone? That was probably Tom too, words can spread easily these days and this is what Tom stays on top of. We like Tom.